3950 Sárospatak, Dobó Ferenc str. 39. Tel.: +36 47889111

Sárospatak lies at the foot of the Északi-középhegység, inshore the Bodrog river.
It is a prestigious educational town, there are two famous schools of Hungary: the Sárospataki Református Kollégium and the Comenius Tanítóképző Főiskolai Department of University of Miskolc.
At one time this town was called 'Athen of  the Bodrog bank' and there are a lot of historic and church historic sights.
The golden age of the town was in Rákóczi's era, when the castle was owned by the family.
The historical face of Sárospatak is determined by its historic buildings. The town is an attractive destination because of its historic type.
The architectural style of Imre Makovecz can be realized in the renewing townscape (Árpád Vezér Gimnázium, Művelődés Háza, houses of Hild tér).
In 1996 Sárospatak awarded with Virágos Magyarországért title.
The town got the rank Cultural Capital City of Hungary in 2006 (for developing the local culture and artistic scene and showing the cultural value).
We celebrate the 800th anniversary of the birth of Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet in 2007. There will be many clerical and earthly celebrations in the memorial year.
At the Végardó part of Sárospatak there is the termal bath of the town which is being extended by services.
A popular sight of the neighbourhood is the tarn of Megyer-hegy which is evolved in the palce of the old burr mine.
The town what takes care of noble traditions is trying to suit for the golden age name Athen of the Bodrog bank.
Visit Sárospatak into the hearth of Zemplén!
Explore the beautiful natural and architectural legacy, the cultural, monumental and architectural worths!

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